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Help transgender Callie and Jamie go home safe


We are stranded 5,000km away from home. Our airline canceled our tickets. We have no way to go home. We need your help.

We are in dire need to return home immediately to formalize our stay in a country where we won’t get murdered for our identities. We need 400 euros/315 pounds/530 dollars to purchase a ticket that will get us there.

Read more and know how to help here. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN!

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All Time Low is that band that no matter what happens will always have a place in your heart. Even if you don’t listen to them anymore; don’t like their music anymore etc. Those four Baltimore boys are home, and home always stays in your heart.

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Why is it such a hard concept to grasp that cows milk is for baby cows and not humans

why is it such a hard concept to grasp that soy milk is for baby soybeans and not humans

why is it such a hard concept to grasp that trix are for kids and not rabbits

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dating an identical twin scares me bc what if i get them confused

i read a book once where this girl was romantically involved with this guy who had a twin and they would punk her all the time and be like which one is your boyfriend you have to kiss the right one and then it turned out one of them was evil and trapped her in a dungeon with a bunch of rats or some shit

but that’s like, worst case scenario

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Évolution inversée

he looked old for 14

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
― Pablo Picasso

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i’m sorry but if you honestly believe that racism against white people doesn’t exist and sexism against men doesn’t exist than you can just send me a shitty message now and unfollow me to get it over with because that’s wrong


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so i met my soul mate tonight

This is the greatest chat moment ever.

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